Patented TRI-MACH pilot bit design with through shank

Main advantages

A pilot bits, especially of large diameter, is not cheap. Our engineers and experts analyzed the uniformity of equipment wear and determined that the working surface of the bit at the edges wears out much faster than its central part and shank. The patented design of the pilot bit with a thru-shank, without reducing the reliability of the entire equipment, allows, if necessary, to replace a worn part with a new one, thereby extending the service life of the bit and reducing the costs of our customers.

Thru Shank_7
  • Cost reduction when replacing the pilot disc (the outer part of the pilot disc wears out faster than the central one)
  • The system of internal channels allows air to pass freely between the thru-shank and the pilot disc
  • The thru-shank system is also applicable for drilling wells in rocks using a drill bit
  • Reliable fixation of the through replaceable shank and guide disc, preventing unscrewing during drilling
  • For example: The same thru-shank (N240) can be used for bits with a diameter of 711, 813, 914 and 1016 mm