Button bits

Drill bits or button bits drill rock just as efficiently

Main advantages
  • Tri-Mach develops and manufactures crowns of any diameter from 89 mm to 1524 mm in accordance with the needs of the drilling industry
  • The button bits are manufactured using the most durable materials and advanced technologies, which allows us to ensure high quality products that allow drilling especially hard rocks, such as granite
  • Our button bits use world-class tungsten carbide inserts (buttons) to ensure good performance
  • TRI-MACH drill bits can be manufactured with different surface profile, such as flat, concave or convex surface, according to customer needs or actual ground shapes.
Button bit Weight Shank
mm kg Type
89 ~ 105
4,5 ~ 6,5
105 ~ 127 8,6 ~ 9,6
DHD340A/ QL40
127 ~ 152 15,7 ~ 17,3
DHD350A/ QL50
152 ~ 203
23,1 ~ 36,1
DHD360/ QL60/ XL6
200 ~ 280
45,5 ~ 88,8
DHD380/ QL80/ N80/ SD8
250 ~ 324
88,6 ~ 119,5
N100/ SD10
305 ~ 485
153 ~ 360
DHD112/ N120
350 ~ 559
230 ~ 406
N125/ N120S/ DHD112S
457 ~ 660
467 ~ 845
N180/ SD18/ QL200
914 ~ 1219
1800 ~ 4500
1016 ~ 1524
2200 ~ 6500
MK480/ MK480S

Fast delivery of drilling tools

Tell our team what diameter you need and what type of shank is required, and the desired drill bit will be made in the shortest possible time. The highest quality and thoughtful design will ensure the durability and trouble-free operation of the TRI-MACH bits.


Reliable equipment

TRI-MACH drill bits are made of high-quality nickel-chrome alloy steel and inserts of tungsten carbide. All bits undergo strict quality control throughout the entire production cycle, which guarantees durability and reliability in operation. There are 3 types of bit face available to choose from: flat, convex and concave, according to your drilling and rock conditions.


Compatible with different DTH hammers

TRI-MACH products are compatible with DTH hammers from various manufacturers. We try to use different types of shanks, which allows our customers to experiment with different manufacturers. We cooperate more closely with some manufacturers, for example, the MACH company from Hong Kong, which produces some of the best airstrikes on the market. This allows us to obtain 100% product compatibility, thereby increasing the life cycle of the drilling rig and its individual elements.

Button bits
Button bits