Mechanical benches

Mechanical keys for working with drilling equipment

Main advantages
  • Mechanical and Hydraulic benches for various purposes
  • They help to twist and untwistthe elements of the drilling string
  • V-shaped seat and retaining chains, securely fixes the body of the product with a force of 15-30 tons
  • Various sensors and pressure gauges allow you to control the unwinding and twisting force
  • The reliable and thoughtful housing of the mechanical benches and its elements are designed for extreme loads

Supply of mechanical benches

TRI-MACH Company has considerable experience as a drilling contractor. Therefore, we know what equipment is needed, and which manufacturer is the best in its field.

For many years we have been cooperating with various manufacturers whose mechanical benches have proven themselves well and are among the most reliable in the industry.

Our specialists are ready to assist you and supply the necessary drilling equipment of our partners.

Mechanical benches
Mechanical benches
Mechanical benches