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Dear customer,

My name is Andrei Suprunov, I am the director of the Russian representative office of TRI-MACH company. We have been working as a drilling contractor for more than 30 years, and therefore we know how important it is to have reliable and functional equipment at hand and a reliable partner who will be able to ensure the availability of this equipment on the project in a timely manner. TRI-MACH company is one of the Pioneers of the DTH method. Founded by two development engineers in 1993, the company has made its way from a small production to a large manufacturer, supplying its equipment to many countries around the world.

The company is based in Scandinavia, in the cradle of DTH technology. All these years we have been continuously improving the production process and adapting our equipment to real field conditions. Our product range includes equipment for pneumatic and horizontal pile drilling, as well as various equipment used in the construction of foundations, bridges, roads and other infrastructure facilities.

All of our products are designed to minimize downtime and maximize your productivity and profitability.

If you need drilling equipment, our specialists will provide qualified technical support and deliver the equipment as soon as possible.

Sincerely, CEO of TRI-MATCH Russia,
Andrei Suprunov

Our history

DTH tools for rock drilling


30 years of successful work

TRI-MACH has been producing DTH drilling tools for almost 30 years. Our goal has always been to ensure the best quality of our drilling tools โ€“ for example, our pilot bits are designed to drill as many meters of rock as technically possible. Drilling tools are developed locally in one of Scandinavian country Tampere is famous for its long history of drilling tool production.


Experienced designers

TRI-MACH team consists of experienced drilling tool designers and former drilling contractors. This gives us the advantage that we know exactly how the products work on site and in different soil conditions. Feel free to ask for drilling tips!


Full range of drilling tools

Many of our business colleagues are trying to cover the production of the entire range of equipment used in drilling, both in the construction industry and in the mining industry. We went the other way. The TRI-MACH company has concentrated exclusively on the production of various bits and crowns for drilling using DTH technology. This approach has allowed us to hone our skills and improve the equipment produced, both in terms of reliability and functionality.

At the same time, we understand that it is often easier for our customers to have one supplier who can supply the entire list of tools needed during drilling. We did not waste our resources and engineering potential on creating auxiliary equipment from scratch, as we understand that it is difficult to maintain leadership in the industry in all areas of business. Tri-Mach company is a leadr of production of DTHhammers, vibration dampers, wing bits, drill rods, etc and other auxiliary equipment and concluded a partnership agreement with them, according to which we can supply the equipment produced by them to our customers. This has significantly improved and simplified the lives of our customers, since now they do not need to look for third-party suppliers, and we, the TRI-MACH company, can supply the entire range of equipment. And our customers get the best equipment in the industry. At the same time, our engineers are in constant contact with the engineers of our partners, which allows us to achieve 100% compatibility of all equipment, which ultimately increases its resource and reliability.


Best service

Our strength lies in providing our Customers with the best service we are capable of, regardless of whether it is, for example, drilling parameters, ground conditions or productivity. We are proud to provide specialized solutions for complex operating conditions. As a universal company, we can provide cost-effective and fast modifications of our product lines.

No matter what complex drilling project you are working on โ€“ we are here to help you complete the project successfully!

Drilling methods and systems

The most durable DTH tools

There are 3 main ways of drilling piles in the construction industry. Drilling and impact drilling methods are quite simple and effective for soft soils, small pile diameters and shallow installation depth. The DTH (Down the Hole) method combines both drilling methods, both rotary and driving.

The DTH hammer is located inside the casing string (pile), very close to the bit and is used for drilling deep holes with great precision. It is suitable for use when laying straight piles in extremely hard and rocky soils or drilling wells where high productivity is required, necessary for drilling large and deep holes. DTH systems are available in diameters of 114.3โ€“1,524 mm.


Pilot bit design with thru-shank

A pilot bits, especially of large diameter, is not cheap. Our engineers and experts analyzed the uniformity of equipment wear and determined that the working surface of the bit at the edges wears out much faster than its central part and shank. The patented design of the pilot bit with a thru-shank, without reducing the reliability of the entire equipment, allows, if necessary, to replace a worn part with a new one, thereby extending the service life of the bit and reducing the costs of our customers.

  • Cost reduction when replacing the pilot disc (the outer part of the pilot disc wears out faster than the central one)
  • The system of internal channels allows air to pass freely between the thru-shank and the pilot disc
  • The thru-shank system is also applicable for drilling wells in rocks using a drill bit
  • Reliable fixation of the thru-shank and pilot disc, preventing unscrewing during drilling
  • For example: The same thru-shank (N240) can be used for bits with a diameter of 711, 813, 914 and 1016 mm
Unique Radial Flush system

Proprietary patented Radial Flush technology

Our patented Radial Flush System technology is a perfect example of our technical competence. Radial flushing is designed to minimize the environmental impact during drilling. This is the first system developed to reduce the impact of flushing air on the surrounding soil. Examples of projects may include, for example, drilling near existing buildings or projects in ports where seabed disturbance is not allowed.

In TRI-MACH’s patented Redial Flash technology, the flushing air changes direction by 90 degrees inside the pilot bit. Thus, air follows from the center of the bit to the edges (radially) at the bottom of the flushing grooves, moving the destroyed rock to the edges of the well. Radial flushing grooves are located a few centimeters above the end of the ring bit, providing stable removal and cleaning of the face from the destroyed rock with low-pressure air.

The air channels are located deep under the flushing grooves, which prevents them from clogging with rock and guarantees stable operation of the system. The flow of flushing air is enough to lift the destroyed rock and sludge up the casing pipe.

The number of flushing grooves increases with the size of the casing pipe. This guarantees a sufficient flow of compressed air for rock removal at any pile size.

About the company
About the company